Being an App Developer in Singapore

Update of Mobile App Development in Singapore Predicted to be one of the fields with best prospect in the future, mobile app development is growing faster than ever in Singapore. Every business, big or small starts to realize how having a mobile app can boost their business growth. It helps to increase accessibility and allow… Continue reading Being an App Developer in Singapore

Singapore User Experience Scene

Managing Digital Marketing In an era when everything is shifting towards being digital, building a strong online presence is extremely important to maintain relevance and keep up with the trend. A range of digital marketing initiatives such as setting up social media account, developing mobile app, and creating websites is the general basic ways to build online presence.… Continue reading Singapore User Experience Scene

User Experience, SEO, and Mobile App: The Combination

Definitions of User Experience, SEO, and Mobile App User Experience is the feeling evoked when people interact with your product or content. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which utilizes high quality content to get traffic to your website. Mobile App is the software application developed specifically for mobile devices. At a glance, there seems to be… Continue reading User Experience, SEO, and Mobile App: The Combination

User Experience in Mobile App Design

The Popularity of Mobile App Mobile app is becoming a prevalence, making it is safe to say that everyone’s mobile phone must have some installed. Data from the newest studies shows that desktop browsing rate has been dropping. Meanwhile, the use of mobile app is on the rise. Superior in terms of accessibility and practicality,… Continue reading User Experience in Mobile App Design