Why Digital Marketing

Shifting to Digital Marketing

Here is a fact: we are quickly moving into a digital era. As time goes by, people are becoming inseparable with their mobile devices, consuming more and more digital content. It is also a noticeable phenomenon that there are much less traditional media being produced and consumed now as compared to a few years ago. Publications such as newspaper, magazine, and even television production are taken over by the digitals. People are now enjoying digital content as it is faster, more accessible, and up to date.

As the popularity of traditional media has significantly dimmed, business and enterprise who want to stay relevant should have strong online digital presence. The future customers will be the ones who have grown up with internet and mobile devices. Thus, it makes just a perfect sense to dive into digital marketing which can be done by utilizing website, blog, online content (e.g.: video), and social media marketing (e.g.: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), among many others.

The Advantages of Digital Marketing

Apart from doing it to keep up with the changes in the media industry, digital marketing can also bring many benefits to you:

  1. Lower Cost

In traditional marketing, a lot of budget should be allocated to advertise in prints and TV. Sometimes, marketing personnel are also recruited for direct marketing. In digital marketing, however, little resource is needed and wide audience can be reached which makes it more cost-effective.

  1. Easy Tracking

You may print brochures, give coupons, and advertise on various media. Nevertheless, the results are often difficult to be tracked and in the end, it is not guaranteed if all the spending is worth it. This is the opposite in digital marketing. Response, views, and engagement rates are easily tracked for marketing campaigns. Equipped with these insights, it becomes easier to identify what works and what doesn’t in the campaign and improve for the subsequent ones.

  1. More Revenues

Websites, mobile applications, and social medias offer the possibility for businesses to include Calls-To-Action into their pages. Buttons and features such as sign up, download, add to cart, subscribe, call now, and many more can be used to converse traffic from digital channels into revenues. As online transaction is increasingly common and safe nowadays, customers are keen to make purchases through digital platforms, citing its convenience.

  1. Cultivate Brand Reputation

Digital marketing channels such as social media usually allow users to leave comments and review. If a business has a strong online presence and reliability, it will cultivate the customers’ trust and loyalty. Positive word-of-mouth can also rapidly spread online, with one user informing many others.

  1. Increase Brand Competitiveness

Last but not least, digital marketing also makes it possible for smaller businesses to compete with the larger ones. Unlike traditional marketing that requires big budget, smaller businesses can afford digital marketing which does not need much resource. This way, they get the chance to attract their own share of target market.



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