Marketing for Mobile Apps


From this LinkedIn article about the potential of mobile app development, we can see how it can benefit your business greatly (no matter if it is MNC or SME!). To ensure you have an excellent mobile app that meets your corporate needs, it is important to work with well trusted and reliable company such as Frontline mobile app development Singapore. With more than 6 years of experience in the industry, and clients coming from various backgrounds, we ensure that we can create high quality app for your business.

Apart from the highly technical process of developing the mobile app, it is also essential to do marketing for it. The main goal is to raise awareness about the app and get people to download it. Here we share some of the things you can do:

  • Marketing before the launch: Whether you are developing a business app or gaming app, informing your customers and following about the process can be a good idea. One benefit from doing this is to build anticipation. Through constant update about the app’s progress, customers will feel involved and immediately take notice when the app is ready. Your customers will also appreciate that you’re putting the effort to make your service better and more accessible for them.
  • Recruit testers: When the app is quite ready to launch, you can recruit some people from your customers base (frequent buyer or loyal user) to test the beta version of the app. The obvious benefit for doing this is to identify what can be improved from your app. Apart from that, you also get the chance to make those customers feel special being the early users of the app.
  • Prepare for launching: Before the D-day, you can release teasers of your app in the form of trailer, user reactions, etc. This is to further build up the hype for the app. If your company have website or brick-and-mortar store, you can also put some information about the launching of your app in various ways like putting some banner and poster.
  • After launch: Finally, when your app is already made available in the app store, of course you want people to notice it. You can achieve this by doing the App Store Optimization strategies. For example, your app name and description should include relevant keywords so that it appears on search results. It is also good to provide a number of screenshots of your mobile app to give users a glimpse on how it looks like. Last but not least, app reviews can increase your app’s credibility too. When you get a positive review, other users willingness to download the app will increase. When it is a negative one, you can take it as an opportunity to show how you handle issues effectively.

Those are some basic tips on mobile app marketing, and we are hopeful that it can help you get a sense of idea on how to market your own app. Contact us now if you wish to get a full service on mobile app development and marketing. We are ready at your service!


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